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By Jaime Lynn Deutsch: Forum Staff Writer

Rejection is as common in the entertainment biz as eggs are for breakfast.
Dedication is the first word that comes to Universal Studios Spokes model,
Evan Scott Golden. The 23-year-old Parkland resident said he’s always been
comfortable in front of the camera. His face is plastered all over posters,
brochures and billboards.
“My biggest gig to date is the Universal Studios gig. Everyone in Universal
Studios sees my face when they walk in,” he said.
“At this point, I’m working at the Boca Talent Agency.”
He also works with Eclectic Entertainment Group in Universal Studios. Golden
got his start six years ago when MTV came down to Florida for spring break.
“My sister really wanted to go to the casting. I took her on the casting
[and] they were telling me, ‘We need men. You have great look.’ So, I ended
up auditioning as well and … getting a free trip to the Keys.”
Golden’s love for the camera became apparent, but he said the only way to
succeed is to be “really determined.” He had his pictures taken, a comp card
for modeling and managers to book him for acting and modeling. He said he
gives 110 percent on every audition and interview. In addition to
doggedness, one must have rubbery, thick skin.
“You have to be able to think, ‘It’s not that I’m ugly or not talented
enough.’ It’s just that you don’t have the look they’re looking for,” Golden
When it comes to auditions, out of sight, out of mind is the way to go. He
clears his mind as soon as he leaves the audition.
“If you constantly stress, you’ll never survive in this business,” he said.
“I go on auditions, and I get three call backs. They play with you – you
think you got the part. You could get that callback four times and still not
get the job. You’d rather just not get a callback in the beginning.”
Golden would like to stay in Florida to remain close with family and friends,
rather than go to New York or California. It’s better to be a big fish in a
small pond, he said. He said the Sunshine State is right after them when it
comes to the entertainment business. He’s done print ads, commercials and
music videos. Orlando is especially good for music.
“I’m trying out for a WB show called ‘One Tree Hill,'” he said.
He’s also on the production side of the business. He’s been writing some
shows and movies. He recommends Boca Model and Talent because they’ve been
around for 30 years. He also recommends Eclectic Entertainment in Orlando.
“The reason I don’t want to move is because I consider myself a big fish in a
small pond. Even though there’s more work out there [New York and
California], there’s still more competition,” he said. “For music, Orlando
has great stuff. Down in Miami, there’s plenty of modeling and movies.”
The other pro to working in Florida is that agency work is non-exclusive,
unlike New York agencies. Basically, aspiring models can work with as many
agencies as they want, Golden said.
“You really want … a licensed SAG agent,” he said.
That’s Screen Actors Guild affiliated, folks ( Models and actors
can get some agency recommendations from there, but it’s always a good idea
to do your own research, Anita Spiegel, president of Boca Models and Talent,
“It’s important to know the difference between management and talent
agencies,” said John Halloway, agent for Eclectic Entertainment. “You don’t
have to be licensed to be a manger, but you do have to be licensed for a
talent agency.”
Halloway said to check the Better Business Bureau, ask for references of
people the agency works with and visit At this Web site,
you can type in a company name if you know its owners or do a search by city
or county, he said. You can also find out if the agency has complaints
against them by entering in the license number.
Spiegel said to beware of ads, even the ones with license numbers listed. She
said her agency never places ads in papers and very rarely in magazines.
“I’ve been in the business for 20 years,” she said.
She started out as a model in Sweden. “Do not give an agency any money,” she
said. “An agency makes money from commission that the talent does.”
Commissions are usually anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, Halloway said.
Plus, models and actors shouldn’t have to pay to be on a Web site. Spiegel
also said you don’t take pictures at an agency. You can let them recommend a
photographer, but there is no profit to be made on the agency’s side.
Halloway agreed.
“I have several photographers that I work real well with that I can send
people to, but I don’t take any part in that. They pay me nothing,” he said.

Another option is TFP, or Time for Prints, meaning, “If you find a
photographer… the model will trade his or her time for the prints. The
photographer will give prints for free… because the photographer needs to
constantly update his/her portfolio as well,” Halloway said.
Once an agency is found, one needs to figure out what type of work is
available in Florida and what one is looking for.
“Lifestyle Models are what Florida is big on,” Halloway said.
Lifestyle refers to everyday life pictures, for example, print ads or
commercials for water parks or theme parks.
“They use people that look like everyday people, but can show some expression
and some experience,” he said. “They do castings to get people that look
like everyday families.”
Good teeth, good features and someone that has some sharp feature that stands
out and catches the camera are the requirements for a print model, Halloway
said. Unless the ad is for fashion, there are usually no height
requirements. Sophisticate models refers to the models ages 35-40 and older.

“Boating ads for yachts, a distinguished looking 50-year-old man,
sophisticated,” he said.
The spokes model, he said, is intelligent, nice-looking, and able to convey
knowledge of products. They represent the product, whether it’s a theme park
or skin care products. Promotional models don’t need to meet the height
requirements of fashion models, but they are attractive and outgoing
personality types for trade shows and conventions. They’re promoting a
product, nightclub circuits, beverage companies, etc, Halloway said.
The fashion model, a.k.a., runway model (and eventually super model for a
few), requires a height of 5’9″ and up for women and a dress of five or less
for women.
“The reason for size/height requirements is most clothing designers want the
clothing to be interchangeable to the model. Less stuff to bring,” Halloway
If you’re not 5’10 and a size two dress, but you do have great hands or a
nice neck, you may be interested in parts modeling. The best examples of
these are jewelry ads.
“Generally, for hand models or that type of thing, what they do is… throw a
ring on and take a picture of your hands,” he said.
In the modeling world, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Pictures
are your resume, Halloway said. Personality is also important, he said. He
won’t work with attitudes, no matter how good-looking. On the other hand,
there really are no looks requirements, he said, for acting.
“Evan has personality, he’s a great looking guy, he’s not afraid of rejection
and he always moves forward,” he said. “Cindy Crawford was told ‘no’ many,
many times before becoming a supermodel,” Halloway said. “She happened to be
at right place and time.”

Jaime Lynn Deutch can be reached at 954-752-7474

Take a good strong look, because this is one upcoming Actor that is climbing the industry ladder faster than anyone else out there . Only graduating two years ago from UCF in 2003 with a BA in Communications, he has permanently written his destiny in stone. With an affinity to being in front of the camera, he given himself the opportunity to work with WB network and MTV. His latest project is with the Fox network, working on FOX’s new highly anticipated reality show, “Ivana Young Man” hosted by Ivana Trump. His honesty brings fresh look in the Entertainment Industry. proudly bring the inner workings of the man with the Golden smile, Evan Scott Golden .

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Evan Scott Golden: A Rising Success
Although I never had a chance to meet Evan face to face, just in talking to him, his charismatic personality was pretty evident. That’s why it was no surprise to me that this twenty-something year old has already made quite a resume for himself. With his “go get ’em” attitude, he is quickly becoming a talent to watch out for. With a love to be in front of the camera, which started at a young age, Evan has had the opportunity to work with both the WB network and MTV. His latest project, a new show starring Ivana Trump, will take him to Fox network. It was eight days of straight filming. But on this shoot, it was the unpredictable, NO SCRIPT! I had no idea what was coming next. “I felt like a pledge in my fraternity again-lining up, going into unknown situations,” explained Evan.

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    I read the article on inside scoop of show biz and it was very helpful. I want to be an actress and now I have a clear direction on achieiving my dream. Thank you evan

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