Evan Golden and Super Sportscaster Stuart Scott

NBA Finals Game 4 2012 Heat Thunder

Evan Golden and Stuart Scott
NBA Finals Game 4 2012 Heat Thunder

Stuart Scott (@StuartScott) on Twitter twitter.com/StuartScott/

Sports broadcaster Stuart Scott came to prominence at ESPN thanks to a successful combination of originality and hard work. His ability to relate to a younger audience and incorporate their voice into his nightly telecasts found him the favorite of viewers at a rapid pace. Having cut his way to the top of the world’s most prominent sportscasting network, Scott did so with a unique flair, a genuine love for sports, and a distinctive style.

Born July 19, 1965, Scott developed an early interest in sports. Not much of a television watcher growing up, Scott turned to athletics in high school where he ran track and played football. As his college days loomed closer, he was recruited by smaller university football teams, all of which he turned down. Scott had bigger plans. According to a 1998 Sport Magazine article, Scott, “enrolled at North Carolina with dreams of walking onto the varsity team, coming out of nowhere to lead the ACC in receiving, being drafted by the NFL … you know the drill.” These dreams were quickly halted by an eye injury which took Scott off the field permanently. Even though he could no longer play, Scott’s love of sports still drove him, and the next logical choice seemed to be sports broadcasting. “For me, it was just a way to stay close to sports,” he said in a Sports Magazine interview. He graduated in 1987 from the University of North Carolina with a bachelors of arts degree in speech communication and jumped into the broadcasting business.

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