Actress/Singer Cori Yarckin and Evan Golden

Actress Singer Cori Yarckin and Evan Golden

One of Rolling Stones ‘Top 5 Up and coming Female Artists’ and Cherry Lane Music Publishing (BMG) singer/songwriter Cori Yarckin is the proto-type of the new age of the music industry. With over 7 million song plays (featuring “Everything you said” with over 2 million plays), 4 million profile views and over 200,000 friends on her Myspace music page, the cultish start began with a loyal following in her hometown of Orlando, FL. She grew virally, using the internet and Myspace as platform to her now becoming an even bigger global brand. From performing live on MTV’s “TRL” and being on the “Today Show,” to her recent album release in Japan, having her music in such popular shows as MTV’s “The Hills,” and “The Real World,” and also being a featured artist/spokeswoman for the “Hello Kitty” brand and soundtrack, Cori Yarckin is largely becoming a stand-alone artist in the new DIY music scene. With a dynamic and exciting live show, Cori Yarckin’s 5-piece band, has not only toured the country, but has also opened up for a variety of big named acts like 30 Seconds to Mars, Motley Crue, Soul Asylum, the Jonas Brothers and more. Cori recently moved to Los Angeles to work on her next album with a variety of some of the world’s biggest producers and songwriters. She has most recently been writing with legendary guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue, famed DJ, Poet Name Life who has incredible recent success with the Black Eyed Peas, and Grammy-Award winning songwriter Tim Fagan (“Lucky” Jason Miraz/Colbie Caleit). Her angst-driven, yet light hearted commercial alternative rock has been compared to a modern day Joan Jett meets the All-American Rejects with an edgy, modern pop/rock twist. An excited Cori answers when asked about her career, “I am just so lucky to have these opportunities. Although it may seem that I’ve done a lot in this business, in my eyes, am just getting started… ”


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